Stage Whispers


By Stage Review


"A skillful fusion of theatrical timing, presentation and production value, this franchise demonstrated family entertainment teetering on world class heritage. Sure we’ve seen some of these acts before but this is edge-of-seat, gob smacking entertainment with just as much pulling power as Hollywood in her full glory, CGI and special effects included. And it’s live. "




The Australian


By Australian Review


"The third incarnation of the successful Illusionists spectacular is a stylish show, impeccably produced and oozing professionalism from the get-go."



Aussie Theater


By Aussie Review


"The Illusionists 1903 is a world-class production and a highly entertaining evening for the whole family.’"



By Aussie Review


"This slick and stylish show brings together some of the world’s best illusionists to present many of the well-known tricks, illusions and stunts; and they do it expertly and entertain us, totally.'"




Adelaide Now


By Adelaide Review


"If you want to be amazed then this is an astonishingly good night out."



Broadway World


By Broadway Review


"THE ILLUSIONISTS 1903 transports the audience to the glory days of magic’."




The Clothes Line


By Clothes Line Review


"This is an amazing show not to be missed. Even the most ardent sceptic will be convinced that magic is real."



In Daily


By In Daily Review


"Ultimately, The Illusionists 1903 is a well-delivered, authentically engrossing, magical homage full of delicious hocus-pocus.'"




The Blurb


By The Blurb Review


"I enjoyed every second of every act and the audience of mums dad, grandparents, and kids of all ages had a ball, as they cheered and clapped and even gave the performers a standing ovation.’"