The Eccentric

AKA | Charlie Frye

Specialty | Vaudeville Comedy, Juggling & Acrobatics

Acknowledging America's rich vaudeville tradition, Charlie Frye & Company synthesize virtuosic skills and a passionate love of their art into something classic, yet undeniably fresh -- something that astounds even as it entertains.


For the last twenty-odd years (some odder than others), Charlie and his wife Sherry have been delighting audiences worldwide with their singular blend of silent comedy, magic, juggling, slapstick, and acrobatics. Charlie is often compared to classic comedians such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel and Dick Van Dyke.


Together, they have thrilled audiences around the world --Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia -- in many exotic venues. They have appeared before distinguished audiences such as the Royal family of Monaco and the Sultan of Malaysia. Besides being one of the world’s most sought after American specialty acts, they are also in constant demand throughout the United States, where they were named Las Vegas’ ‘Specialty Act of the Year’ for their star billing in the Folies Bergere.  Other prestigious appearances have included opening for Liza Minnelli, starring in the internationally syndicated television special, "The World's Top Shows", and a featured appearance in Tom Hanks' film, "That Thing You Do."


“The Eccentric” never fails to keep audiences laughing and applauding all at once.