The Clairvoyants

AKA | Thommy Ten & Amelie van Tass

Specialty | Artful Mind Reading

Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass are innovative young celebrities in the world of mentalism. These European shooting stars have won international awards and presented their artful mind reading experience on numerous TV shows.


At the World Championships of Magic in 2015 the jury enthusiastically chose them to be "WORLD CHAMPIONS OF MENTALISM", thats the first time after 30 years were this award was given.


Their ability to reveal your thoughts will make you gasp in astonishment... even fellow magicians are baffled! This enchanting couple are in demand worldwide and have just returned from a six month engagement in America where they performed over 300 shows.


You'll be entranced and delighted by how easily they connect with your innermost thoughts, but don't worry, as they say, "We like what you are thinking." They are “The Clairvoyants”.